Hailing from the far reaches of South America, Chile’s DJ Raff has come a long way since his early excursions in Hip Hop and B-boy culture. During the 90’s both music and culture were in a bad state due to the political transition, but thanks to his passion and visionary attitude, Raff was able to look forward and find his own direction. At home he experimented with a double tape deck and an old turntable, making loops and beats from artists such as NWA, Beastie Boys and Public Enemy. After years of meeting and working with likeminded youngsters from around Santiago, DJ Raff helped to sow the seeds of what is now considered one of the biggest and most important Hip Hop scenes of Latin America.

For over 15 years he has been at the forefront of a new generation of artists who have introduced new styles and forms of music into the Latin market. Raff’s vast experience and upfront production skills have made him one of the most sought after producers in South America, where he has made beats for many different artists and released his own solo material. It’s no surprise that DJ Raff’s reputation has crossed frontiers and spread across to the rest of the continent and Europe. His blend of creative sampling, phat beats, keyboard arrangements and scratching have already earned him a place amongst Latin America’s most highly regarded and groundbreaking DJs and music producers.

Lover of instrumental hip-hop and funky beats, Dj Raff is currently focusing on a more experimental electronic sound that does not for one second shy away from the dance floor. This recent artistic phase has coincided with a new personal period after having spent time in cities like London, Mexico City, Paris or Barcelona. While living in Spain he came into contact with the Ensmble label on which he released the “Time & Hope” EP; his latest one is another mini-LP, “Tornado” (Pirotecnia, 2015), which amply demonstrate the maturity of his new found sound, which moves between Global Bass, Techno and the Hip-Hop spirit innate to his artistic vision.